¿De qué va esto?


A blog to share my journey of self-knowledge as a woman through my body.

My name is Adelina Elena, it is May 2021 and I am 38 years old. I am starting this blog because I feel the need to share a journey of self-knowledge that I have started due to an upcoming operation to remove some fibroids in my uterus. For a long time, I avoided facing this operation. I believed that there wasn’t a good-enough reason, until a few months ago. My body went into a state of alarm, and I understood that I had to do something, that instead of fighting against it, I had to become its friend, I had to listen and show it some love.

I have been looking for books to help me better understand my body, the female hormones, their cycles and how to maintain their wellbeing, and in return allow them to help me too. I have found valuable resources that will help me in this journey. They have also made me feel like I am finally going to be able to understand my female self something that I have ignored so many times. I now realise that I have maintained a relationship of oppression and rejection with her, even though we may have already been connected.

And so, in a matter of weeks, this operation has become an opportunity to start over. I feel it is an opportunity to do a sort of hormonal reset, and to improve and revitalise my health. At the time of writing these words, the surgery is a few days away and I feel very positive. Grateful. Excited.

Since I found out about the operation, I have started to read books about how our female body works. I have felt overcome by a strong urge to share what I am going through with the women around me. I feel this is too good to not say anything. In many of these conversations I have felt a sense of relief, communicating something that is so often silenced, suffered, and misunderstood. I have also felt that, like me, there are so many other women desperate for information about themselves. I have experienced lots of support and lots of happiness. I have felt rebellious too. I believe this is a journey of empowerment. Empowerment through self-knowledge and starting this conversation.

Writing for this blog will help me process what is happening to me, what has happened to me and to understand what the future holds. It will also help me keep alive a space for dialogue and learning with other women. I hope that while reading this something resonates with you, for whatever reason. I hope to pass my enthusiasm on to you

This blog is a non-profit project and is simply intended to tell this story of reconnection with my female self. Along with that of all women.

The English versions of these posts have been translated from Spanish by an incredible young woman who I admire and with whom I love sharing this project, Anya Spey.

Finally, this blog is dedicated to all the women in my life, including those I never met and those who are yet to come.

Adelina Elena